Here’s how to use up to 65% less energy.

A heat pump can save you the earth on hot water bills.

If you have an electric storage hot water unit, you may as well be boiling a kettle to heat your hot water. That’s bound to hurt your hip pocket.

Did you know you could be harvesting the energy from thin air to heat your water? The latest Heat Pump technology lets you reduce your energy consumption by up to a whopping 65% and enjoy piping hot water.

How heat pumps work.

Heat Pumps ingeniously transfer energy from the air into heating the water.  They do not rely on direct sunlight and only require electricity to power a fan and compressor.

An energy efficient Heat Pump is a great way to reduce household energy consumption whilst being kind to the environment. The Heat Pump is perfect to replace a power thirsty electric hot water unit, especially where there is no reticulated gas.

Get massive savings from thin air.

At U-Pocket, we supply and fit Midea electric heat pumps to homes across Australia.

Thanks to government rebates on Heat Pumps, which are sizeable due to the massive energy savings, U-Pocket can pass on unbelievable discounts making these Heat Pumps more than affordable. In many of our customer’ circumstances, the savings have paid for the Heat Pump in a few months.

Midea Heat Pumps have a stylish and classic design, low operating noise and come with a user-friendly digital controller that allows you to monitor the water temperature. There is a timer and safety lock feature also.

For your peace of mind, all installers are fully accredited and insured tradesmen and you will receive plumbing and electrical safety certificates.

Are you paying too much for hot water?

Make your hot water system work more efficiently for you.

Talk to our team about how Heat Pumps can help you save BIG on energy costs.

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